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Want access to external ideas and technology?

Are you looking to run rapid experiments to build new products and services?

What is the Horizons Accelerator?

Now in its third year, the Horizons Accelerator is an innovation program significantly subsidised by the QLD Government to boost the local travel, entertainment and leisure economy.
It offers corporates an opportunity to access external ideas and test new products and services at pace and at scale using a timeboxed process.

How can we get involved?

In partnership with Slingshot and supported by the QLD Government, the Horizons Accelerator will give you access to the best external ideas and technology aligned with your business challenges.
We can work with you to determine areas of focus and attract Startups to test and validate potential new revenue streams and improve business efficiency.

Who is Slingshot?

We are Australia’s leading provider of corporate innovation programs

Since 2013, Slingshot have run 21 corporate innovation programs with some of Australia’s leading organisations like HCF, News Corp, Qantas, Lion, Clubs NSW and Caltex. Through a repeatable and scalable engagement model, Slingshot programs combines the scale, resources and access of Corporates, with the agility and innovation of Startups, Scaleups and intrapreneurs to drive long lasting commercial outcomes.

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Other outcomes and benefits

Slingshot does the heavy lifting
Demonstrate management’s commitment to innovation
Significantly subsidised opportunity to run your own corporate accelerator
Rapidly test multiple new products and services
Create a point of difference amongst competitors