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Want to work with the most disruptive Startups in Australia?

Are you looking to drive innovation & grow your market?


We have accelerated more Startups than any other company in Australia and have been awarded the highest global status as an accelerator provider.

Slingshot is a professional services company who supports the transformation of large companies through innovation by leveraging the Startup world and bringing the best Startups together with a big corporate to work with your brand.

Supported and significantly subsidised by the Queensland Government, the 2018 Horizons Accelerator is re-opening for corporate sponsorship.

“The growth and development of Queensland’s tourism and travel industry was fundamental to BAC. Our investment in the infrastructure and partnerships that make the industry fly is vital”

Julieanne Alroe, Former CEO, Brisbane Airport Corporation, sponsor of the 2017 Horizons Accelerator

Innovation will continue to play an important part in ensuring the tourism industry, now worth $25 billion to Queensland economy, continues to grow.

Sponsoring Horizons will give you access to the most disruptive, innovative travel, and tourism Startups in Australia.

In partnership with the Queensland Government and Slingshot, being part of an accelerator will allow
you to:

Set and drive an innovation agenda
Pilot or partner with Startups
Invest in new markets for growth with low R&D risk
Find new talent
Foster staff engagement and learnings

Watch some of the outcomes we have created for brands like Qantas, Lion and Caltex.